Welcome, you beautiful people!

Welcome to The Wild New! So happy you could stop by & be a part of this adventure.

I’ve been mulling over the idea of creating a “real” blog for a couple years now & finally decided to make the leap. My husband & I have so many projects, ideas, & creations up our sleeves that it’s high time we finally share them with more than just our friends, family, & co-workers.

I’m Shauna – a photographer, self-proclaimed foodie, & dreamer at heart. My passions stem from several avenues & we’ll explore all of them here.christmas selfie!My husband, John, is an art teacher, an avid creator & builder of all kinds (when I say “all kinds”, I absolutely mean it – he can do anything!), as well as a talented drummer.

You’ll also learn all about our cuter-than-words dog, Wendy. And I’m almost 98% positive she’ll steal your heart in an instant.

The ultimate plan for this blog is: To keep things simple yet exciting.

You guys! Let’s explore & dream & make those hopes & wishes a reality. Let’s open our minds, create things, & get our hands dirty. Let’s find recipes, craft our own foods & beverages, & eat & drink deliciously. Let’s find amazing places & people & make photographs. Let’s be intentional & present. Let’s immerse ourselves in all things inspired & uncultivated.

Let us leap into The Wild New. And have an exceptional time doing so!

Here’s to dovetailing interests. C H E E R S!

3 thoughts on “Welcome, you beautiful people!

  1. So proud of you! You are an amazing and talented couple. I am in awe of your projects and accomplishments. Can’t wait to read all about it!

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