on the hunt (part 1).

Happy Weekend!

Wow – an entire week has flown by since I made a video that I meant to post. Whoopsie! Life has been extremely crazy & unreal the last week & a half, plus some. But more on that later.

I’ll touch on some of what I talk about in the video as it needs a bit of prefacing. Around Christmastime, we decided it might be a good idea to jump into the housing market. We’ve rambled about it here & there, but never really thought we’d consider buying a new house for awhile.

Until… John found a house online that looked enticing enough to see in person. We drove by & saw a couple was already looking at the house. We instantly felt a need to call the realtor & set up a showing for the next day. The house was adorable, the layout was perfect, & the square footage was a definite upgrade. But we already knew we didn’t have any plans in place to buy a house. There was just no way we could make it work. However…

We started kindling the fire, that’s for sure.

To get to where we are now, we found a realtor who has helped us walk through several homes. We decided to put an offer on one house, which is the one I mention in the video. For now, I’ll leave you with the video & explain more in another post. Here’s to jumping into the wild new, folks!

3 thoughts on “on the hunt (part 1).

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    • You nailed it right on the head. That is exactly the feeling I have! The only thing I’m sure of now is that everything will be completely different. Although, now it’s starting to excite me more than frighten me.

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