on the hunt (part 2).

I’m trying to condense this house hunting [ad]venture into manageable pieces. Forgive me if I ramble on too long. It’s what I do. I’m attempting to defy my own odds. Ready! GO!

After seeing the house I mentioned in my previous blog post, I knew we had to make an offer. We made what we thought was a pretty competitive offer. This house had so much character, lots of space, a ginormous yard, 4 bedrooms, a fireplace, vaulted ceilings & exposed beams in the living room. Just a money house. It ended up being too good to be true.

However, this house somewhat forced us to put our own house on the market. We have a contingency that we won’t sell our house unless we find another one to buy, & we won’t buy another house until we sell ours. It was necessary to get ours on the market so we could have something to put in our offer about our contingency. The way our realtor put it was that we were trying to buy another house with no deniro if we didn’t at least put ours on the market.

Two Sundays ago a little after 8 in the morning, we took a leap of faith & put Ms. Laverne up for grabs. It was such a strange feeling. Are we going to get any offers? Would anyone even want to see it? Goodness, I hope we get at least one offer. Well, I guess if no one’s interested in our casa, that would officially & firmly shut that door & idea of moving.

Then around 8:40am, I got a call from the realtor’s office saying someone wanted to see the house at 9am. Wait a minute, wai-wait a minute (please tell me you’ve seen this Kevin Hart skit)! Luckily, the realtor’s office knew this wasn’t a logical request & pushed them towards a showing from 10-11am. Oh thank goodness. BUT HOLY MOSES, I STILL HAVE TO CLEAN THE ENTIRE HOUSE!

My heart burst through my rib cage & sat outside my body for the next hour as I raced around my house like the most unattractive, mad woman I’ve ever seen myself be, trying to clean & straighten up & “sell” our house in a matter of 60 ungodly quick minutes knowing full well I wasn’t at all prepared for this mentally, emotionally, or physically (I was literally panting like a dog from being sooo out of shape … I really need to start exercising more). John was at his masters’ class & I just so happened to be car-less because my cool jeep decided to die while I was waiting at a stop light a couple days earlier (haha, you’re so funny, car! RAWR!). My MIL dropped off her car so I could actually get out of the house & not be the weirdo homeowner who’s there watching you walk through their house.

And I did this all sans breakfast. My goodness, that was such an accomplishment. But man alive, was I starving & drained. Wendy & I took to the borrowed car that I’d thrown several of our belongings into that had no place in a home showing & took our (un)happy asses to Dunkin Donuts where we belong. For those of you who don’t know Wendy yet, you’ll get to know her very well. She’s our adorable dog who gets away with altogether too much & is too cute for me to care when she breaks “the rules”.

I digress. That day we had 13 showings & several the next day. What a blessing! I know Laverne was thinking: Thank you! They love me, they really love me (think, The Mask)! We excitedly reviewed offers the next day, in awe that we were privileged enough to be in this situation. We’d narrowed our offers down to two great ones, & I know we made the right choice. She said she couldn’t get our house out of her head, made a very competitive offer, is completely okay with our contingency, & is willing to wait until we find our next home. I’m not sure we could have created a better buyer.

To our hearts’ dismay, it wasn’t less than 40 minutes later that we found out our offer wasn’t accepted for the house we put our own house on the market for. Our joy was absolutely smothered. I balled & felt so adolescent, like this journey was already too much for me. I didn’t feel adult enough to handle this. We thought the house was ours. Our realtor thought the house was ours. It was unreal.

My excitement seized up & I never wanted to leave my sweet Laverne. Ever. I refused to assume anything else could be out there that would ever compare.

…until… ;)

For now, I leave you with a view from my beloved backyard. Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? ♡

laverne's backyard

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