on the hunt (part 3).

After hearing the news we didn’t get the first house we put an offer on, I was heartbroken & pouty. Nowhere in my negative thoughts could I find a silver lining. We took a break from looking at any houses during that week. That weekend was such a rollercoaster of emotions, my heart needed a little refresh before jumping into the hunt again.

By Friday, I was feeling better about things & wouldn’t you know it that John found another house that night for us to see. Saturday morning, we stopped for breakfast near the neighborhood this house was in & chatted about the whole house hunting process. Looking at houses, falling in love with them, seeing yourself living there, & making plans for the future in that house. Nothing’s more frustrating than false hope, so we attempted to lock down our excitement so we could look at this next house with a clear mind.

We drove around the neighborhood & it was homey and charming. Then we pulled up to the house & oh em G! Picture: a huge front porch, square footage for days, 4 bedrooms, huge kitchen with so much potential, fireplace in the family room, adorable built-ins, & the master bedroom was just giant. I still remember looking out a window from the master bedroom & saying, “This house is going to break my heart, isn’t it?”

Needless to say, this house wasn’t ours either. Our offer wasn’t accepted, but we were told our offer was second in line. Being second best in a situation like this hurts more than not even being considered at all. I honestly still think about this house. The biggest downfall it had was being in Aurora school district rather than Cherry Creek school district, which is where we’d like to be.

Then, onto the 3rd house we put an offer on the next weekend. We are actually relieved we didn’t get this one as it wasn’t exactly our dream home. We slightly gave up & were just trying to get in somewhere… anywhere. And that is not the way anyone should house hunt. Buying & owning a home is a commitment. Simply, if you aren’t in love with it, don’t buy it! Ironically enough, we saw another house the very next day we liked more than the one we had just put an offer on. Seriously, thanking God on that quick save.

Enter in the 4th house we put an offer on. Yes, 4th! Is it just me, or does four houses seem like too many? Haha! Don’t even get me started on how wrong I’ve been about everything throughout this whole process. House #4 was a bank owned home & the realtor really liked our offer, but had to have it approved by the bank first before he could accept it. But let me tell you about the house. It had the best layout for living space, a fireplace in the family, a backyard that went on what seemed like miles, & a kitchen/dining/living room area that had wonderful potential to be made into one large open space (the dream!).

measuringPictured above: John using his height to measure the master bedroom & make sure a king bed would fit. He has so many talents!

As luck would have it… we didn’t get this one either! The bank wouldn’t accept our offer because of our contingency. Bollocks! Do we keep looking? Is it quitting time? Is this God saying, “Yo, stop looking already, you aren’t moving!” We are trying our darndest to find a house & have offered on 4 & yet nothing has come our way. Did we bring this all on ourselves or are we supposed to move? Which is it?

I digress. Moments like these kinda suck, if I’m being honest. Because faith is a hard thing to have when you have no idea what’s going to or supposed to happen… when you have zero control… when you’d much rather concede to fear & doubt.

And so, we let faith lead us to where we find ourselves. We will be closing on House #5 on Thursday this week. Part of me is feeling superstitious & doesn’t want to utter this to anyone so as not to jinx it. My goodness, am I over letting my happiness be squelched in fear the worst will happen! I want to be excited, dammit, & excited I am.

More on our new house next time & until then, I hope everything great has been happening to you. I hope you’re taking risks. And moreover, I hope they’re paying off or that you’re at least learning something new from them.

Woot woot, happy Monday!

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