all new errthang.

Hi, you guys!!! Can I just tell you how tired I’ve been recently? I had no idea nearly two whole months disappeared from the last time I wrote a post. Not acceptable! I haven’t even told you about this little gem of a new house.


I snagged some pictures from the listing of the house, since… I have lazily not edited any of my own pictures yet. Well, truth be told, I haven’t even taken that many. That’s blasphemy, you might be thinking. And I completely agree with you. I promise I’ll slough off my sloth-like ways & snap back to reality one of these days. Oh & please keep in mind—what’s pictured is not our furniture!!! :)


I digress. Let me tell you about our new girl.


She’s got 4 bedrooms, two and a half baths, a spacious first floor with plenty of living space potential, a wood-burning fireplace, picture windows, a master bedroom that actually has a master suite (!!!!! holla!!!!), & an awesomely big yard with lots of potential as well.


I’m so very excited for the plans we’ve started dreaming up for this house. There are several things that need improvement–& the list has started to grow quite long–but I know all these things are attainable. Strategic planning, timelines, & budgeting will be entirely necessary to reach our home improvement goals. The amount of work we’re taking on is slightly intimidating. But hey, we knew what we were getting into when we put an offer on this house.


Here’s what I need from you guys. We haven’t picked a name for her yet, & this house needs a name! That was the first thing I wanted to do, but could never choose the right name. I’m leaning towards several & can’t seem to make my mind up (sheesh, women, am I right?!).


Below I’ve included a list of name possibilities that have been swirling around in my brain.

  • Alice (yep, as in Wonderland)
  • Winnifred (but I’d probably call her Winnie)
  • Maxine
  • Margo
  • Matilda


So… will you help us out & take a vote below?!


Moving into the new house was hard work in & of itself. Add on getting sick the weekend we moved in, starting a new role in my company a week & a half later, getting used to a whole new area of Aurora, & even trying to part my hair a new way… several times… unsuccessfully… & you’re looking at a whole ton of all new errthang. Man alive, I feel like I’ve been playing catch up ever since these huge life changes. (Changing the way your hair is parted is a huge life change, guys!!! Just try it. Your world will be shaken.)


And wow, do I have yet to catch up!!! I digress (again). I’ll leave you with one of the only photos I’ve taken & edited of the new house. Let us know what name you think belongs to her. Can’t wait to hear what you think!


4 thoughts on “all new errthang.

  1. What neighborhood do you live in? That might help in giving my name to the house. I’m submitting Marcy at this time. Miss you tons!

  2. love it! You guys are going to have that place so beautiful in no time!! I can’t wait to watch the progress!!!

    I vote for Winnie…I think it goes well with Wendy (and I just love Jimmy Fallon and that’s his daughter’s name…ok, I’m sounding like a stalker now)…

    Love and miss you guys!!

    • Thanks guuuuurrrrrrlllll! We can’t wait to get started on the transformation! Thanks for the vote :) Tallying up all the votes and we’ll let y’all know which name won!
      Love and miss you guys dearly… Can’t wait to see your new digs in Chicago! We’ll have to plan a trip very soon :)

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