name reveal!

Happy Monday, friends!

This second house of ours has been left nameless for all too long. At long last, the name has been decided with your help! (Disclaimer: it didn’t take 2 months to choose a name. I’m just terrible at organizing anything, i.e. my life, & I happened to not write a post until now. I promise to get better at this. The only way to go is up… Am I right?)

and the name is...

<<drum roll, please>>

This (future) beauty’s name is Maxine, or Max for short. Maybe even Mad Max if she’s giving us a run for our money with all our planned renovations haha (which is highly likely because, let’s face it, renos never go quite as planned, hoped, or assumed.)

I’ll admit, the name Maxine holds a soft spot in my heart. There’s a comic collection about an old woman, Maxine, who is crass, sarcastic, grumpy, & cynical. She has white, fluffy short hair, a frumpy body, and always wears huge horse-blinder sunglasses. The only reason I know of this comic character is because of my Granny. She loved these comics and ironically reminds me of the character. My Granny is the most lovably, brutally honest woman. She’s strong-willed and -hearted. She’s close to 93 & still kickin’. We don’t know how much longer she’ll be with us, but we’re so lucky to still have her in our lives. As an homage to my Granny, the name Maxine for this house feels so fitting.


Maxine has seen a bunch of renovations so far & I’m excited to share them with you very soon! I’ve thrown around the idea of starting to show renovation progress on Snapchat. That way you could experience the renovation real-time! What do you think?! Would you tune in?

Stay tuned for some of our recent projects.

And now it’s time for another week. Let’s kick ass & have a great time! Much love, y’all!

3 thoughts on “name reveal!

  1. Hi Girlie, it’s been a long time coming for the name. Great name and reason by the way. My house has a couple of names too. Nice name on good days and not so nice on others. Insure miss you and you’re tooooo cute dimples. I hope you and John are doing well.

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