welcome to trade-off town.

It’s getting dark & windy outside as clouds roll over & blot out the sun. My husband is taking a nap on the bed – it’s a rare occasion you’ll find that man sleeping during the day (me on the other hand?…). The entire 1st floor of our house is covered with several layers of dust. Drywallers are coming tomorrow to finish their part of the project (&&& I’m crossing my fingers like mad, hoping this will truly be the last day we have to deal with the drywall ever again!!!). And you can find me sitting in a dining room chair awkwardly located in our bedroom – as hanging out on the 1st floor is entirely out of the question – with thoughts racing through my mind of what to do next. I can’t wait til this is finished. We have sooo much left to do before this kitchen will be done. Why did we think this was a good idea? I wish we had more summertime left to complete projects. [Insert an astronomically lengthy list of remaining to-do’s here.] Is it normal to go crazy during a renovation?… because I think I’m getting close to hopping on the crazy train. I need a vacation. Crazy train, take me to the beach.

I wrote this around the end of August. Luckily, our drywall was finished that weekend & we were filled with the excitement of getting to check something else off the list. But then bummer set in as we remembered how much was left to do. Each step forward in this renovation process has strangely been a bittersweet one. We’re forced to realize what is left to accomplish with each accomplishment we make, so excitement tends to wear off rather quickly.

closetWe all have to make trade-offs in life. It’s near impossible to have or do it all at one moment in time. Isn’t this the case in most of the decisions we make? We choose to do one thing in place of another. Time is limited. We are only able to do one or a few things at once, dependent upon each thing’s level of brain capacity, physicality, & emotional drain. This means we must be mindful of what we spend our time on.

closet2For example, I really, really wanted to travel somewhere this summer. Anywhere. But we made the choice to dedicate time (&&& funds) to renovate our house.

closet3And suddenly I became a woman consumed by wanderlust.

closet4However, there are times in life when our choices are limited by external realities, such as finances, time & place, health, or even planning ahead. In our case, it’s the fact & act of renovation. This all-encompassing, exhausting, soon-to-be-rewarding renovation (oh dear God, I hope it’s soon). I kind of want to just take a nap even thinking of it as I type. It’s crazy that we’ve truly been in the thick of renovating since the beginning of June & I haven’t been able to make the time to post about any of it.

closet5That’s just how busy & tiring it’s been. My husband has been so motivating through the whole process, working hard everyday to help build a house we’ll adore for years to come. He helps me keep my head up, knowing we’ll get through it all together.

closet6Two of the biggest things I’ve learned during our renovation so far:

  1. There are only 24 hours in a day. I know, this is oh so obvious, but I’ve experienced it’s way too easy to forget. It’s even easier to get frustrated with ourselves & feel like we aren’t accomplishing enough. But one of the coolest things is looking back through photos & getting to see the amazing steps forward we’ve made.
  2. An opportunity isn’t an opportunity unless the timing is right. We have nearly beaten ourselves up over the fact that we could’ve put a nice chunk of money in savings, or gone on some extravagant vacation, or straight up bought a really cool car, if we hadn’t started this renovation. But it wasn’t time for us to do any of those things. Now is our opportunity to mold a home into our vision & create a dwelling that makes our hearts feel at home.

closet7Huge progress has been made over the last 4 months, however.

closet8In the meantime, here’s a quick look at the first project Maxine endured.

closet9The entryway housed a coat closet. While functional, it was astounding how much this closet truly cut into the entryway. It was a relief when John figured out we could get rid of this closet to open up the front of the house.

closet10And so, demolition began (the first of many, I might add). And I’m so thankful for it. The front of the house feels absolutely different, & it was so worth it.

closet11Should we talk about those unsightly yellow walls? No. Please. I can’t.

closet12Those yellow walls have really gotten under my skin. And I just can’t wait for the day when there are zero yellow walls in sight.

closet13Don’t even get me started on the popcorn ceiling. Oh my. Let’s talk about the worst design decision of all time haha!

closet14I’ll be sharing more highlights in posts to come. Please keep us in your thoughts & prayers as we continue to tackle each project.

Much love!

4 thoughts on “welcome to trade-off town.

  1. Hi Shauna, It was great seeing you guys the other day. I sure miss your happy face :) You guys are very lucky John has all of those skills that allow you to do so much of the work yourselves. I can only imagine (from some of our projects how much it costs to pay someone else to do the work for you) I know it is hard now, but just think about how much happier you are going to be once your dream home is completed!! You will be happy for years to come. I wish you the best and a speedy finish.

    • It was great seeing you the other day as well! So unexpected as it’s been years since I’ve seen you! We are extremely lucky John is as skilled as he is. It’s definitely saved a lot of unnecessary costs. Thank you for the well wishes. We really appreciate it!!

  2. Love these pictures. Your home will be stunning when complete. It is stunning already. And yes, I am jealous!!! I can’t wait to see the next phase. Just think, a few weeks ago you could not cook in your kitchen. Next summer will be here before you know it, your downstairs will be complete and you will be hosting dinner parties! Hmmm… what then? I can’t wait to read more!

    • Thank you, Tonia!! I truly appreciate everything you said!! You motivated me even more to get this project finished. :) I can’t wait to host some dinner parties. Seriously, I can just picture it now :)

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